e-shop-direct PIKEUR / ESKADRON Bonus Program

Silver, Gold, Platinum - Thank you for your trust and loyalty!

How is the bonus program organised?

All online shop turnover generated with PIKEUR / ESKADRON items will be added up each year. From a certain turnover volume upwards, you will be classified into one of three bonus categories. This entitles you to a fixed bonus per purchase for all subsequent purchases.

Which bonus categories are available?

Category 1 = silver status - Beginning at a total turnover amount of  EUR 500,00: Immediate 5% bonus on all invoices.

Category 2 = gold status - Beginning at a total turnover amount of EUR 750,00: Immediate 7.5% bonus on all invoices

Category 3 = platinum status - Beginning at a total turnover amount of  EUR 1.000,00: Immediate 10% bonus on all invoices.

Participation in the bonus program

Upon registering for this shop and generating turnover for the first time, you will immediately be listed in the program.


In your account you can access information on your current turnover as well as your bonus level at any time under “My Account”  below your access data. For each order your bonus will be indicated separately.

What turnover is relevant for the bonus category?

The respective bonus category ensues from the effective turnover generated in the period between 01.01. – 31.12. of each year. Returned items to be credited will reduce your turnover and may result in a change of your bonus category.

Does the bonus category automatically expire in the following year?

No. The bonus category achieved in the preceding year will be carried forward into the next year.  Turnover generated in that year, however, will be the basis for the bonus category in the following year.