Safe in style

A partnership of equals, then, where expertise in equestrian sports meets expertise in helmet development. The result of the cooperation will win over both professional equestrians and ambitious hobby riders: helmets with the highest level of safety, innovative technologies, and excellent design - specially tailored in form, function, and comfort to the demanding requirements of equestrian sports.


A helmet full of technologies. To adapt the helmet to the highest technology requirements, while at the same time creating a light-weight and well ventilated yet visually high-quality helmet, we have combined different materials and manufacturing processes. The result: The AirLuxe

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AirLuxe Supreme

The Supreme helmet is a genuine eye-catcher whilst at the same time being stylishly elegant. The colour-coordinated design of the lower and outer shell creates a harmonious overall impression, which is further refined by a high quality textile cover for the top shell as well as some sparkling elements for ultimate sophistication. This line is available with either a long or short vizor. 

This model is available in black, midnight blue und midnight blue rosé gold with short or long vizor. The helmet is available in S (53 - 56 cm), M ( 55 - 58 cm) and L (58 - 61 cm*).

AirLuxe Supreme Shortvizor: 499,95 €

AirLuxe Supreme Longvizor:  549,95 €

*only available in sizes S-M

AirLuxe Chrome

The Chrome helmet dazzles with the combination of its shiny surface and chrome gunmetal elements that add a touch of glamour. 

This model is available in shiny black and shiny midnight blue. Shiny black is also sold with  long vizor. The helmet is available in S (53 - 56 cm), M ( 55 - 58 cm) and L (58 - 61 cm).

AirLuxe Chrome Shortvizor: 399,95 €

AirLuxe Chrome Longivzor:  449,95 €

AirLuxe Pure

The Pure helmet impresses with an in-tone, minimalist, sporty design in two different finishes. Either a matt shell and glittery elements, or a glittery shell and matt elements. 

The helmet is available in S (53 - 56 cm), M ( 55 - 58 cm) and L (58 - 61 cm) in black and midnight blue.

AirLuxe Pure: 299,95 €


The AirDuo is a hybrid helmet of the super class in two respects. Two different manufacturing techniques are used multiple times in this helmet, which gives it the best possible shock absorption characteristics while keeping the weight low.

In addition, this helmet not only meets many riding helmet standards but also bicycle standards, so it can be used for riding and cycling. The visor is removable, which quickly transforms the helmet from looking like a riding helmet to looking like a bike helmet. This makes it ideal for those who ride their bike to the stable.

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In midnight blue or black, the helmet is simple yet elegant and high quality. Depending on your preference, it is available in matte or glossy.

The helmet is available in XS (48 - 52 cm), S (53 - 56 cm) and M ( 55 - 58 cm).

AirDuo in XS: 169,95 €

AirDuo in S-M: 199,95 €