Great new outdoor rug range "ALPHA", "BETA" & "OMEGA"

Anyone looking for a real all-rounder for their four-legged friend this autumn and winter will be pleased to find out about the new compact ESKADRON "ALPHA", "BETA", "OMEGA"outdoor rug range.

A distinctive feature of all the models is the extremely robust 1680 denier outer fabric, which is waterproof and yet also breathable. Adjustable front fastenings and the separate front extension supplied with the rug ensure the perfect individual fit. The extension can be attached or detached to suit the width of the horse's chest. The elastic inserts above the horse's forelegs, the soft neoprene padding in the withers area and the reflective logo on the tail protection provide maximum ease of movement as well as safety.

The range includes a wide variety of fillings - from a lighter transitional rug to warm winter rugs.

The models are distinguished by varying shapes at the neck area. Whereas "ALPHA" features the basic model, "BETA" has a cut-out neck across the withers and "OMEGA" is designed as a set with a completely separate neckpiece which can be detached from the rug.

All the rugs are available in the international sizes from 5’9“ to 7’0“ in dark navy from good equestrian sport shops as well as online at