Anna Maria Hoffs


Anna-Maria Hoffs née Jakobs became an active rider at the age of 11 years. Primarily responsible for this development was her older sister Helena, herself already a passionate rider, who successfully infected Anna-Maria with the "bug".

After looking after someone else's horse, she progressed to a horse of her own which she shared with her sister. "Horse-Sharing" between sisters is not always an ideal arrangement - something which Anna-Maria and Helena soon recognised. 

With her next horse, the show jumper Armani, a 17.3hh Hanoverian, she was soon smitten by the fun of active show jumping.
With the mare Topsi and the gelding Prosecco Anna-Maria, meanwhile 32 years old, won her first golden rosette in advanced level competitions and as a Young Rider, competed for such titles as "Best Rider" and German Champion.

Throughout the years Anna-Maria Hoffs was always able to rely on great support from her parents. With great commitment and dedication to equestrian sport, the Georgenhof  in Diemelstadt was converted into a modern equestrian centre. 20 horses meanwhile have a wonderful home here. One of them is Anna's top horse, the licensed Oldenburger Lausejunge.

Whilst a young rider Anna-Maria was able to invest time bringing Lausejunge on gradually before moving up to the adult classes with the ambitious and very talented Oldenburg show jumper.

The fact that both horse and rider very quickly became a force to be reckoned with was soon recognised by such "old hands" as Ludger Beerbaum, Otto Becker or Marcus Ehning. 
In impressive style they won top prizes such as the Golden Whip in the 2009 Grand Prix of Nörten-Hardenberg, the Grand Prix of Münster at the "Turnier der Sieger 2007" or the silver medal at the German Ladies' Showjumping Championships in Verden in 2005 as well as in Balve in 2009.

This very pleasant young lady from Diemelstadt has even gained experience at Nations' Cup level, for example her win in the Super League in Hickstead in2008.

PIKEUR is quite sure that with her talent, strong will and horse potential, she will participate in many more Nations' Cup events and all equestrian sports enthusiasts will continue to have great enjoyment with Anna Maria Hoffs in the future.

PIKEUR looks forward to accompanying them.

Special Achievements

  • 2nd place german championchip, Balve (GER)
  • 3rd place german championchip, Balve (GER)
  • Winner euroclassics-Teamtrophy
  • 1st place Nörten-Hardenberg | Grand Prix, Golden Whip
  • 1st place Mannheim | Badenia
  • 2nd place Balve | German Ladies’ Championships
  • 1st place Hickstead | Nations’ Cup
  • 2nd place Steinhagen | Grand Prix
  • 3rd place Münster | Championat von Münster
  • 1st place Münster-Turnier d. Sieger | Grand Prix - Riders Tour
  • 1st place Hanover | Preis der Zukunft
  • 1st Place Bratislava (SVK) | Nations’ Cup
  • 2nd place Verden | German Ladies’ Championships